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Here’s something the iPhone 6 could be like


The iPhone Air, as imagined by concept creator Sam Beckett, looks something close to the final product of Apple’s latest and greatest.

Beckett’s iPhone Air is a remake of the current flagship iPhone 5s but with a thinner frame altogether, allowing for more real estate between app icons. Apple’s Touch ID home button is also implemented in the same way it is in the 5s. Coming with a 4.7-inch screen and a 1920×1080 468ppi would certainly impress all of us, given it is a huge upgrade over Apple’s already impressive Retina+ display hardware. The iPhone Air also makes use of Apple’s recent progresses in sapphire production; covered entirely in sapphire crystal, the iPhone Air is essentially unbreakable – which solves the fragility problem of the average iPhone. The reduced depth to 7mm also makes the iPhone concept something we’d certainly like to have. A 10-meagpixel sensor with aperture f/1.8 is another decent upgrade to Apple’s iSight camera.

The concept does not have any affiliation with Apple Inc. but is an independently animated video of visualized hardware and software concepts. Do you think it is an impressive upgrade over the 5s, or just a typical decent iPhone remake?


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