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Apple iPhone 6 Rumors in a Nutshell


What it is: The next-gen iPhone to be released as a sequel to current iPhone flagships (5s and 5c).

Release date: The iPhone 6 will certainly be released in 2014 and most likely in September, although there really is no confirmed date. The most likely happening would be an iOS 8 release at WWDC this June and the probable release of a Galaxy Note-style iPhone, commonly referred to as the iPhablet. The release of an iWatch however, is still unbeknownst to us.

It’s price: The iPhone 6 will be most likely more expensive than any of the previous iPhones, due to proposed advanced improvements in technology. As iPhones were always meant to be premium, expect a $600+ price tag for the iPhone 6.


Display: Many early prototypes have been released so far, with the iPhone 6 having a large new display screen powered by an improved Retina screen, an exchange of the home button for a buttonless Touch ID interface as well as gesture control.


It’s body: More premium metals and materials could also be used to improved aspects where the iPhone has been lacking. Apple could also 3D-print iPhone 6 parts due to it’s newest invention called Liquidmetal. The iPhone 6 could also slim down the already impressive 7.6mm chassis present in the iPhone 5s to an even lower figure.

The iPhone 6 could also turn out to be coated entirely out of sapphire glass, which is an extremely hard crystal that won’t break easily, but the usage of sapphire crystals could also drastically increase the iPhone 6 already high price tag. Sapphire is already used by in its Touch ID sensor cover and the camera glass, so extending it out makes a lot of sense. The new iPhone may also be covered with a new self-healing coat, which is a technology that would work as an added coat to “heal” imperfections created when the display panel lighting gets scratched.


The Processor: Apple is reportedly looking to decrease it’s ties with Samsung (who is currently making processors for Apple). But the next processor looks to still be a Samsung-made quad-core A8 chip with more power which should help increase battery life.


Camera: This year Apple could stick to the existing 8-megapixel unit, because why go for more megapixels if the pictures won’t be any better? Instead, the iPhone 6 will reportedly feature an f/2.0 aperture and a dramatically enhanced image processing system. A 5MP camera is actually enough to blow up a photo to A3 size, so when are you going to need more anyway?

Extra stuff: Apple has also patented an efficient wireless charging system and also a feature that allows volume to adjust as you move your phone away from your ear. Other probabilities included the inclusion of NFC technology and a 128GB option. Waterproof? Probably.


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