5 things I dislike about the iPhone

Yesterday I wrote up a post praising Apple for 5 things I liked about the iPhone, but nothing ever comes without it’s disadvantages:

1. The location of the speaker

iPhone bottomAlthough the iPhone 5-5s’s speaker are totally fine in terms of quality, it’s position at the bottom of the iPhone can sometimes be an irritance. This occurs when you are using your iPhone two-handedly in landscape mode, and you will have to literally block the speaker no matter how hard you try not too.

This sucks a bit as you would want optimal sound when you’re watching music videos or playing landscape-mode games, but this isn’t too big of an issue to not get an iPhone.

When using the iPhone on portrait mode however, the speaker works perfectly fine without any giant hand blocking it’s waves.

2. You can’t rip off the back cover

iPhone 5 back

Ever experienced the time when your phone lagged a bit too much, you just had to rip off the cover to ‘take the battery out and then put it back in’? Well, the iPhone doesn’t allow you to simply rip it off without damaging the entire phone (unless you find some professional iRepairman who knows what he’s doing).

As the battery or any insides of the iPhone can neither be seen nor removed, it is a particular disadvantage as compared to other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, for example.

3. It feels over-simple at times

iPhone no widgets

The iPhone was always simple, which provided a room to exploit for other smartphone makers in terms of ‘complexity’. ¬†Comparing to the Android OS, the iOS is actually extremely simple. The iOS houses nothing but a homescreen and a lock screen, whereas the Android OS provides everything from lock screen widgets to an app screen for all your downloaded apps as well as pre-loaded services.

Some smartphone users may agree to this but some may not due to preference for simple usage over useless widgets, but the point here is that the iOS may feel a little boring especially when you’ve been using it for a lil’ too long.

Well, this problem could actually be solved by ‘jailbreaking’ your iPhone, but it’s not something we’d like to recommend here (of course).

4. It feels just too fragile

iPhone fragile

As premium as the iPhone may feel, it also feels extremely delicate and prone to utter damage should it not be handled carefully.

Every iPhone user will know the feeling, as iPhones are all light, glassy and glossy. It’s the kind of phone where you would cringe the most when you accidentally drop it from your hand and hope that it returns to your hand the same way it went.

5. Screen size

iPhone screen size

Although this one was listed as one of the things I liked about the iPhone, this also served as a disadvantage not in terms of usability, but in terms of ‘user satisfaction’. The iPhone screen sometimes feels too small to enjoy watching movies or playing graphic-intensive games without having to relocate your finger to have a full view of the screen every time.



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