5 things I like about the iPhone

Two big phones released last year, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, although aging in the rapidly advancing smartphone market of the year 2014, is still very much in the game. Comparing to every other competitor in the market, there is still pretty much some aspects of the iPhone that you’ve just got to love.

1. iOS 7

iOS 7

Although the iOS 7 has been already available on every iPhone generation from the iPhone 4 and up for a long time now, it’s hard not to mention the colorful and buttery new user interface that Apple’s Jony Ive has brought to us.

Despite having met with mixed resistance ever since its release in 2013, it’s a great sequel to the aging look and feel of the iOS 6. Bold new icons and colors, app makeovers, the new control center as well as the new multitasking interface – these things do nothing except make you feel like you’ve just got a pretty cool makeover on your iPhone.

For non-iPhone users, the iOS 7 is simply something beautiful and worth switching to as it’s simplicity and smoothness is not something you can easily find anywhere in the world of smartphones.

The iOS somehow just doesn’t start lagging overtime comparing to other user interfaces such as Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS. Probably because Apple does not overload their phones with useless services but instead focuses on providing superior user experience.

2. Screen Size

iPhone screen size

Some of you may cringe at the sight of screen size as a plus for iPhones. But the screen size works wonders in the sense that an iPhone user can easily use the phone one-handedly. The thumb can easily reach all corners of the phone, which is good as for user convenience.

For example, in a big ol’ Samsung Galaxy Note, it’s literally impossible to reach the other corner of the phone using just your thumb from the hand you’re using to hold the phone. Whereas on the iPhone 5s, it’s pretty easy as a teenager would also be able to reach all sides of phone without any qualms.

3. Wider brightness control range

Volume controlComparing to a Samsung phone, the iPhone’s screen is able to go much darker. When you put both phones side by side and minimize both phone’s brightness to the minimum, it is clearly evident that the iPhone is able to do a much better job in darkening the screen.

This is an essential advantage as viewing the bright screens of your smartphone when all your bedroom lights have been switched off is a big pain to the eye. As for the iPhone, viewing screens in the dark is much less of a problem as the minimum brightness is able to match the extreme darkness to lessen the strain on the user’s eye.

Brightness-wise, the Samsung and the iPhone does a comparatively similar job.

4. SimplicityiPhone 5c

This trait comes from not only the simple features of the iOS 7, but also in terms of physical structure.

As mentioned in the ‘iOS 7’ point, there is no overloading of Apple products and services for us to scroll through, but instead, all pre-loaded iPhone apps are for the user’s conveniece, such as compass, calculator, maps, weather and game center.

As for it’s physical structure, Apple clearly does a great job in manufacturing elegant yet simply designed smartphones that doesn’t overwhelm in any way. Glossy, shiny backs with nothing but a trademark, camera and/or a flashlight; slim sides that accommodate the few buttons; as well as the pretty simple front screen that holds the basic features of a phone – a home button, a screen, an a camera.

Despite the few physical features on the iPhone, Apple is still able to provide the premium experience that it strives to give. The meticulously detailed materials and buttons all combine into a phone that feels like what it should feel as it’s price

5. Camera

iSight camera

The iSight camera is one of the main features of the iPhone, and deservedly so. At 8 megapixel on the iPhone 5s, it doesn’t seem like something fit to challenge that of a Sony Xperia Z1 that houses a 20.7 megapixel camera.

But the thing about the iPhone that makes it stand out is how it doesn’t compete with competitors straight up. Instead, it goes round the block and beats them on the blind side.

The iPhone 5s features a sensor that increases the area available for pixels by 15%. The pixels are larger, too — 1.5 microns, in camera-geek measurement. The camera aperture has also been bumped up to ƒ/2.2 to let in even more light. The iSight camera on iPhone 5s features an impressive 33% increase in light sensitivity. The iPhone 5s also does includes a slow-motion mode while taking videos, apart from the already impressive video-taking capabilities the iPhone possesses.


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